League News


Making Sure Every Girl in Powhatan Gets a Chance to Play

Softball is a magical and exciting sport for girls of all ages. It is known fact that playing organized sports is great for kid's physical and psychological well being as well as their academic and future success. We believe every girl in Powhatan should have an opportunity to play softball. We will be offering half price registration fees for any girl in Powhatan that qualifies for free lunches at school. Signing up is easy! Just bring a copy of the free lunch entitlement confirmation provided by the County to the in-person registration.

Important Dates

In Person Registration

1/25 11:00-1:00 @ PCC Powhatan

2/15 10:00-12:00 @ Fast Feet

Mandatory Evaluations

SweeTees, Darlings, Angels, Belles and Debs March 7, 10 am

Ponytails March 14, 10 am


Additional Information

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